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BAYLEY vintage brass with faux shell lid JEWELRY BOX



• vintage velvet lined footed jewel box 
• gilded brass exterior 
• brass filigree and guilloche rose centre 
• hasp closure 
• measures 8.5"L x 6.5"W x 4"H 
• Guilloché (/ɡɪˈloʊʃ/),(or guilloche) is a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material

We care for and clean our vintage and antique items before use, so there is no scent of years gone by!

Want to know exactly what's in your piece? Rest assured after many years as an antique dealer, you can be comfortable with my knowledge and place your trust in my descriptions to let you know exactly what was used in each design.

For vintage and antique components, the darkening of crystal and metal (patina) is natural and each piece is sourced with this in mind.

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